Talon Mountain

A Master Planned Community situated between the Phoenix and Tucson Metro areas in Eloy, AZ 

Don’t miss the prime development opportunity offered by Talon Mountain, situated in the City of Eloy, Pinal County Arizona.  The project is situated approximately 2 miles North of State Highway 84 and Interstate 10.  Talon Mountain is directly east and contiguous to Robson Ranch, one of the premier resort communities in Arizona.  The 320 acre Talon Mountain project is located on the northeast corner of Toltec and Hanna Road.

Talon Mountain was selected due to its proximity to the Robson Ranch as well as its strategic location to both the City of Phoenix and the City of Tucson.  Talon Mountain has obtained final plat on the 320 acres with a yield of 1380 total lots or 4.5 units to the acre.  The average lot size is an impressive 60’x 119’ or 7,140 Square Feet.  Planned open space, highest and greatest use of land, preservation of environment and quality of plat design are all hallmarks of Talon Mountain.

Talon Mountain Development Objectives

  1. Develop a residential community both cost effective for the builder and affordable to the buyer.
  2. Design a living experience that will attract home buyers from both the local and national markets.
  3. Utilize innovative design and planning concepts to achieve efficient use of open space, variety in housing opportunities, maximize the abundant recreational activities that both the state and the area offer and to promote the efficient use of natural and energy resources.
  4. Utilize the existing resources of the area in a manner that will set a standard of quality and planning for future development in the area.

Existing Environmental and Site Conditions


  1. Water Service: The City of Eloy provides stable water supply for the area to include Talon Mountain.  Water availability for Talon Mountain is serviced to the site by a 12” water main that runs the length of Toltec Road, which is Talon Mountain’s western-most property line.
  2.  Sewer Service:  Sewer is to be provided by The City of Eloy via an 8” forced sewer line that runs the length of Toltec road, which is Talon Mountain’s western-most property line.

Utility and Service Providers for Talon Mountain will be:

  • Water:                      City of Eloy
  • Sewer:                      City of Eloy
  • Gas:                           El Paso Natural Gas / Southwest Gas
  • Electric:                  Arizona Public Service (APS) District #4
  • Phone / Cable:     Qwest
  • Fire:                         Pinal County / Rural Metro
  • Police:                     Pinal County Sheriff
  • Refuse Removal: City of Eloy

HYDROLOGY ANALYSIS:  Storm water collection has been addressed in a drainage study, which outlines the specifics regarding how storm water will be collected, and how it will be retained on the project.  In general, it will be necessary for Talon Mountain to provide adequate facilities to retain the increase in runoff generated by the development.  This will be done by utilizing small areas within each phase of the subdivision as well as larger areas that serve as the general green space for the project.  Greenbelts will serve to convey water through the community to an existing retention basins located throughout the subdivision.  Offsite drainage has also been addressed in the drainage study.

The desire to add green space to Talon Mountain and the need to provide proper drainage of the site, in this case work together to improve the quality of life within the community.  Drainage facilities within the various phases have been designed to protect the surrounding areas from the increased runoff generated as a result of the development of the property, while also providing open space that is usable by the community.

Development Concept


  1.  Residential:  The Approved Final Plat shows the community is predominately residential with a maximum yield of 1,380 lots.  The lots are designed to accommodate a variety of floor-plans due to an average dimension of 60 X 119 or 7,140 sq ft.  A variety of recreational activities will be available at Talon Mountain and will feature walking trails, active open spaces and playgrounds.  Careful planning an execution of the development will help fulfill the present and future needs of the plan area.
  2. Open Space:  An integral aspect of Talon Mountain will be its utilization of open space.  The opens space system is designed to serve as an amenity to the overall development.  The area will provide for storm water retention, recreational opportunities and aesthetic enhancement for the entire Talon Mountain Development.
  3. Recreational Amenities:  Talon Mountain features several neighborhood parks that meet both open space and retention basin requirements.  Common facilities should be provided throughout Talon Mountain and each facility can be structured to the desires of each individual phase/community to include basketball/volleyball courts, playground equipment, picnic tables and barbecues.
  4. Vehicular Circulation:  Vehicular circulation to and from Talon Mountain will be handled by Toltec, Hanna, and Valley Roads. Toltec Road will serve as the main thoroughfare linking traffic from Talon Mountain to the I-10, US-84, The City of Eloy, Phoenix, and Tucson.  The street system will utilize Roundabouts and Choke points.  These types of streets have several distinctive advantages when employed in any residential development, regardless of size.  Safety is a very important reason for their use.  In addition to creating a more scenic drive through the development, this type of road design minimizes traffic speeds, thus making it safer for drivers and pedestrians alike.  All streets within Talon Mountain have been designed to meet or exceed the City of Eloy’s requirements.
  5. Pedestrian circulation will involve sidewalks and the concrete multi-use path.

Community Growth

Recently the new Phoenix Mart project was approved and has begun construction.  This project will create nearly 8,000 jobs and will serve to supply the region with a healthy economy for years to come.  The multi-million dollar project is scheduled to have its first phase complete by the end of 2012  or early 2013 with grading starting in last quarter of 2011.    In addition, a multi-million dollar gypsum plant is under construction in the City of Eloy and will provide employment for hundreds of people. The City of Gila Bend has recently announced the approval of a billion dollar solar generating plant.  Gila Bend is located approximately 60-80 miles from Talon Mountain.

Completed Reference Information

      The following has been completed and is available for review from serious prospects:

  1. Approved Final Plant
  2. Boundary & Topographical Surveys.
  3. ALTA Surveys.
  4. Phase 1 E.S.A. Environmental/Soils Reports.
  5. Traffic Impact Studies.
  6. On-Site and Off-Site Drainage.
  7. Completed improvement plans include:
    1. Phase 1 Water Plans
    2. Phase 1 Sewer Plans
    3. Phase 1 Grading and Drainage Plans
    4. Phase 1 Street improvement plans


  • Asking Price:                             $6,000,000
  • Method of Purchase:               Bulk Sale
  • Earnest Deposit:                       $100,000
  • Feasibility Period:                   60 Days
  • Close of Escrow:                        90 Days

For additional information, please contact Joel Lindgren at 602-492-5635 or joel@thearizonarealestatecompany.com.

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