Our Corporate Mission –
Creating wealth and equipping business leaders to be catalysts for change…

Our Corporate Strategy –
We create business opportunities where men and women are challenged and equipped to create wealth and pursue positive change in their local communities and around the world.

Our Corporate Belief –
As business leaders we are responsible to become the driving force to solve society’s greatest challenges; hunger, homelessness, lack of health care, injustice and lack of education and to create hope and opportunity for those less fortunate.

Our Corporate Platform –
We use the industries of real estate brokerage and investment, education, technology and energy to fund our corporate mission.



Lavi and I recently went to a one-day business leadership conference about building momentum in business. One of the things that was discussed during the conference was the business mission statement. To be perfectly honest, when Lavi and I started our business we had two children under the age of four and one more on the way. Our corporate mission was just – SURVIVE! I understand that such a corporate mission is fairly hard for others to buy in to but that was reality at the time. We never really had the chance or took the time to sit down and figure out what our corporate mission was. So that’s what we did this last week. I guess ten years late is better than never…

The one sentence phase that we came up with after a few days of thinking was – “Creating wealth and equipping business leaders to be catalysts for change…” At first glance, this kind of bothered me because neither Lavi nor I have ever been very keen on “wealth” in and of itself. Neither of us sought to get into business after college or do things business related, we just ended up doing it…but that’s another story.
We came to agree, though, that “wealth” can have many meanings other than just financial wealth – relational wealth, emotional wealth, spiritual wealth, etc. All of these things are important to us and the more that we can share them with others, the more we fulfill our purpose. On the contrary, we certainly don’t want to be promoting relational poverty or emotional poverty so the term “wealth” started to make more sense. When looked at from this angle, we were able to buy into the mission statement. Add to this the fact that all of the positive change that we want to bring about in the world requires money and we have even more use for that “wealth”. If we don’t have funding to bring about positive change we can’t do it.
That’s what excites us about the businesses that we are in; real estate brokerage and investing, telecommunications, energy, etc. These are the vehicles that allow us to bring about the change that we want to see around us.
This last month we were able to travel to Rocky Point, Mexico to build a house for a homeless family. Through our business, we were able to rally the troops and share resources with a community that is unfortunately unable to do this for themselves at this time. The joy that we were able to share with this family emphasizes the real “wealth” that I can get excited about.
If we can live our lives enriching people with this kind of real “wealth” and enabling other business leaders to do the same, we’ll feel that we have accomplished our “mission”…
One more thing to check off the bucket list…  – Joel

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